Puzzle MAXI - Memo abeceda malá, velká, obrázky/52 dílků - Kohoutová plyš

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149 Kč
EAN 7023852124116
Kategorie Puzzle
Značka Kohoutová plyš
Obchod Dobré knihy
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Kohoutová plyš - <p>This alphabet puzzle will teach children the alphabet using both upper and lower case letters. Imprinted on the frame, you will find an object beginning with the same letter to help assist the child with phonics and pronunciation. Pastel colours cover the block with the lower case letters on them, to help draw attention and encourage memory skills and recognition. This puzzle comes complete with 52 curved edged pieces, including a mixture of both upper and lower case letters. Because of this, the memo game can be played without any puzzle pieces in the frame. This puzzle is best suited for younger children learning the alphabet.</p> <p>with 52 pieces</p>

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